Lead Tracking

At SEO 1 Click, our primary objective is creating leads for our clients. All our efforts, primarily SEO, are targeting traffic that converts into leads and customers. For that we need reliable data obtained from analytics. However, setting up your analytics is just the beginning. You need to be able to interpret the data accurately if you want to figure out what converts and what doesn’t.

We focus on metrics that clearly indicate where you should invest your marketing dollars to boost conversion rate and acquire more customers.

Identify and track keywords that drive conversion

Most marketers focus on keywords that have a bigger search volume or can increase their clients’ rankings instead of focusing on keywords that bring leads. Increased traffic and higher rankings are simply a means to an end – an increased conversion rate.

Efficient lead tracking can tell you exactly which keywords drive conversion by tracking the leads back to the source keywords. When you identify these keywords, you can get more conversion with the same amount of traffic.

Lead Generation

To be able to track conversion-driving keywords, you need to make sure you are ranking for your brand name, your local area, buyer keywords and long-tail keywords. All of these keywords have a lesser search volume, but they separate users who are more likely to make a purchase from users who are simply searching for information.

For example, someone who uses your brand name in the search already knows what kind of products or services you are offering. In the same way, someone who searches for a service in their local area is searching for the nearest provider of the service. In other words, those users have their minds set on making the purchase so it’s only a matter of bringing them directly to you.

They are commonly referred to as ‘’hot leads’’, as opposed to ‘’cold leads’’, who are browsing for general information but don’t have the exact purchase in mind.

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Reach out to ‘’hot leads’’ through the right channels

Some sites or social media can drive more visits to your site than others. Through lead tracking, you can identify those prolific traffic-drivers. Why is that important? First of all, it shows you what type of audience are interested in your content and what sites or social media they frequently use.

By combining these pieces of information, we can invest more effort into marketing the content on your website via more lucrative media, or focus on increasing the visibility of your service pages on social platforms your prospective customers are actually using to find similar services.

Deliver supply where there is already demand

Lead tracking shows you how visitors to your site are distributed geographically. This piece of information might be crucial in deciding to launch your product or offer your services on a specific location. If a considerable number of visitors are located in an area where your services aren’t available, the logical step would be to expand to that area.

Lead tracking shows you where interest in your services or products already exists – you only have to adjust your strategy to answer the demand.

Give the ‘’cold leads’’ something to talk about and share

If certain blog posts are viewed more often, more frequently or have a lower bounce rate, we have a clear indicator of what your audience (and potential customers) is interested in. By identifying topics people are actually interested in, you get more social shares, which can directly enhance your brand popularity.

Measure the achievement of goals

Once you set up your conversion goals, lead tracking helps you stay accountable by measuring and reporting on the progress. You can see how many people landed on your ‘’Thank You for Your Order’’ page, subscribed to your newsletter or simply filled out a form on your site.


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