Call Tracking

Put simply, call tracking means keeping track of all the incoming calls your business receives. More specifically, it means identifying which keywords, sources and marketing campaigns lead people to dial your business phone number.

In a nutshell, call tracking will tell you:

  • WHO IS CALLING YOU (location, area, type of device…)
  • HOW THEY FOUND YOU (offline marketing, social media, direct search, referral…)

Stop Guessing – Identify Marketing Channels that Bring Phone Leads!

The ultimate goal of call tracking is to turn the callers into paying customers. Remember, a portion of callers will place an order for your service immediately. Others might call only to inquire about a particular product or service or get a free quote. Either way, call tracking gives you invaluable information on what’s working for your SEO and what’s not!

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What does the location of the caller tell you?

If you are receiving a lot of calls from a particular city or area, it means the area is rich in demand for your services. If you already targeted that area, call tracking gives evidence that your campaign is successful.

Conversely, calls from an area you are not targeting are an obvious nudge in the right direction to deploy your SEO forces.

We use information of this sort to fine-tune the marketing to appeal to a particular area and verify which strategies are effective.

Find out if your site is properly optimized for mobile

If you are receiving a lot of phone calls from a particular type of smart phone, it means your site is optimized properly for that device.

Call Tracking

The lack of phone calls from other devices may be a sign your website is not optimized well for all smart phone types.

We can track both online and offline campaigns

We can set up call tracking separately for your online and offline marketing campaigns with different tracking phone numbers. You need someone who knows what they are doing – faulty setups can actually hurt your SEO.

If you NAP is not consistent across online directories, Google’s algorithms will get confused and that’s when things get nasty. Some local marketers criticize call tracking but that’s simply because there’s a bunch of guys who are simply not doing it right. The bottom line is – call tracking numbers should be used in the same directory listings across the web.

We can separate phone call leads from unrelated calls

Just think about it – if someone calls and inquires about your services in detail, the call is bound to last at least one minute. That caller is more interested in your services for a reason and is more likely to make a purchase, which counts as a phone call lead.

It is possible to track only phone call leads and disregard unrelated calls. Google Analytics allows for setting call tracking as goals. For example, any phone call that lasts longer than one minute will count as a call pass, whereas any call under one minute counts as a call fail. In other words – the focus is on leads.

Call tracking accurately identifies calls that convert into sales. We can set up advanced call tracking and discover exactly which online and offline marketing campaigns are bringing leads.


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