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Our focus is and always will be creating leads for our clients. At the end of the day, leads drive a company’s bottom line – sales and ROI. We cut through all the nonsense and talk and make sure our primary goal is to produce leads for our clients. Our SEO services focus specifically on that philosophy. Although there are valuable secondary benefits from SEO like brand awareness and an increase in website traffic, the primary benefit is producing more leads for your company. There are many marketing companies who focus on website traffic, but you must ask yourself, “Where is that traffic coming from?” Website traffic can come from anywhere, but we focus on the traffic that converts.

How do we do this?

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Lead Tracking


Lead Tracking

Lead tracking can be the most crucial part of marketing a business. With having a certain amount of data, we will be able to cut through the bullshit and focus on what converts on the website. From our company’s experience, most businesses have no clue where to even start when setting up their analytics. And they have even less knowledge of how to use those analytics in acquiring new customers. Continuously collecting data from the analytics will ultimately tell you where to use your marketing dollars and how to acquire more customers.

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Lead Gen


Lead Gen

Lead generation can be accomplished in several different ways. SEO will be the bread and butter to creating more traffic and leads to a website once you’re positioned on page one with the target keywords. Until then, and even when you are well positioned with your SEO campaign, it is essential to keep the high quality traffic coming to the website and convert it into customers. There are many options on a pay-per-click basis, including Google Adwords, Yahoo/Bing Adwords and Retargeting campaigns. Each one of these options will depend on your budget, industry and current marketing state.

What is pay per click?

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Latest News

How silo building can improve your website structure
March 23, 2017

It’s an established fact that links are the bread and butter of white-hat SEO. However, the focus on acquiring high-quality backlinks tends to overshadow the importance of internal links. While building a solid backlink profile uses up a lot of resources for careful planning and strategizing, internal links are still handled pretty randomly. As a result, the internal structure of a website is pretty random, as well.

Why is this bad for SEO?

And more importantly – what to do about it?
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Colin M.

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It has been a little over two years working with the team over at SEO 1 Click and the results speak for themselves. Semper Solaris has grown into one of the largest solar companies in all of San Diego and our Internet presence in search is a big part of that reason. Hire them and be impressed!
– John

We approached SEO 1 Click with a tough task to get nationally ranked with our main keywords. We knew it would take time, but was willing to put up the investment because SEO it is vital to our business. After six months, we started to rank on the first page with our keywords! Their professionalism and knowledge goes a long way with Greenshine and we have complete trust in what they do.
– Kevin

I have been working with this agency for well over a year now and there is a reason why I am still working with them. Every task and keyword I have given them, they have met my expectations. I am positioned like a king in my industry throughout the products and services I offer. They have consulted with me every step of the way.
– Pablo

I have been working with these guys for only a few short months and I have increased my budget, given them the responsibility of managing my website and have recommended them to friends from other companies. That being said, I am obviously thrilled with our progress and they have my full confidence in getting the job done. Communication is astounding and work ethic is phenomenal.
– Cory

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Remodel Works
Emergency Home Solutions
Greenshine Solar
Leo Hamel
Muray Lampert
Plumbing Plus
Skylar's Home & Patio
Dog Waste Depot
Box co-op
Maid This
Payan Pools
Ship Overseas
Red Truck Fire and Safety Company
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